Split Grain

Spline Wall Sculpture | One-of-a-Kind


Introducing the Spline Wall Sculpture by Hawaii's brand Split Grain. This wall sculpture captures the fascinating contours of a piece of reclaimed wood in a single vertical spine. The essence of the form is heightened through the expansion that occurs via my splitting and slicing technique. The wood’s pattern of growth is revealed through the linear display and the dramatic exterior texture is brought into focus. Viewed from any angle, these sculptures accentuate the twists, turns, bends and arches of the wood in its solitary stance and supported by a custom-made, steel armature. These sculptures are intriguing to encounter at eye level on a wall as the steel armature rods disappear and therefore the slices of wood seem to float.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind, handmade, fine art sculpture made from an individual piece of reclaimed wood. This designer begins by finding limbs from trees and hand selecting, cutting, and splitting each piece looking for unique forms. Most of the pieces split are discarded as he looks for pieces with the most intriguing forms. Once a special piece is found, he further refines it, slices it to bring out the details in the overall shape and grain, sands the faces to a fine surface, and finishes with UV protecting clear urethane.

Materials: Reclaimed California Coastal Cypress | Steel armature

Dimensions: 7,5 cm L x 12,5 cm W x 43 cm H

Weight: 1,8 Kg

Sustainability: One-Of-A-Kind. Handmade. Organic reclaimed wood. Ethically sourced materials.

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks

Origin: Hawaii, USA 

Comments: Made from natural reclaimed wood, therefore the final product may slightly differ from the one shown.

Shipping: Shipped by UPS.