Chinese vintage elm wood bucket. Originally found in the Chinese country side, restored and bleached by local craftsmen.

This farm utensil can be used as storage, planter or decoration.

Every piece us uniquely different!

Creating an effortlessly stylish and unique look in your home, this product commands your attention and makes a bold style statement in the best of ways.

    DIMENSIONS: 31cm D x 60cm H

      Please note: many Uniqwa products are made from natural materials or have hand crafted elements. This can result in slight irregularities in shape, color or finish. These imperfections are not considered faults. They are testament to the unique qualities that are found in materials that come from nature – and we think they should be celebrated! Keeping this in mind, please use the images of this product as a guide.


        • Australia


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        No refund, replacement or exchange will be offered due to the organic nature of the materials as described here. These are particular and unique aspects that you must accept when purchasing this item.


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