INNOVATIVE | wood casting

INNOVATIVE | wood casting

Wood Casting is a fine art furniture collection by internationally acclaimed Israely industrial designer Hilla Shamia. 

The collection exhibits a unique combination between two materials, using a completely new technology to create a perfect balance between a natural resource and an industrial matter. This one-of-a-kind collection features gorgeously unique ash lines and imperfections in the wood. The incompleteness and randomness give the products their aesthetic value. Like nature, each final product is unique.

Molten aluminum is poured directly onto the wooden the surface which burns the exterior, the plank is then cut lengthwise and inserted with frame to define its final structure. The casting process is accompanied with high heat, flames and smoke. When the metal is cooled down and the mold breaks apart, the furniture piece reveals the dark border between the hot metal and wood, enabling us to observe the leakage of aluminum and the carbonized wood which is frozen in time.

The combination of cast aluminum and locally sourced natural wood preserves the natural form of a burnt tree trunk, creating an emotionally charged renewal that gives life back to its piece. Juxtaposed beautifully against the metal, these are cohesive pieces that can only be defined as fine art furniture.

AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS: 2013 German Design Award Nominee

Design Type: One-Of-A-Kind | Handcrafted | Innovative Technology