Candle Holder | Wide


This stunning sculptural candle holder has a tree-like look and feel, but is surprisingly handmade in recycled paper.

The upcycled paper mass was mixed with natural glue, and dried out. The result is an exquisite product that features the texture of a tree bark. The piece is then polished and covered with varnish, thus it is not afraid of humidity. 

This design oriented candle holder was created following the designer's "closer to nature” concept. During the day, it complements your contemporary interior decor, and as night, it becomes a romantic candle light creating unpredictable plays of shadows. Candle included.

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Lithuanian designer Donatas Zukauskasam is the head behind the creative brand DNT Design. Donatas graduated from Vilnius Art Academy in interior design. He also has a passion for product design, specially when involving eco-conscious materials. After seeing unusual works of art made of paper, Donatas got interested in this creative kind of work and decided to give another function to this biodegradable material.

While experimenting with recycled paper mass, Donatas realized this material has extensive possibilities of plastic expression. He was fascinated by its form, color, texture, lace work, plasticity and other qualities. Attracted by this potential, Donatas started making decorative objects meant for contemporary interiors. It goes without saying that the manual production of these sophisticated objects require much patience, dedication and time.


  • Handcrafted
  • Traditional craftsmanship
  • Green technologies
  • Good design


    • Recycled paper pulp
    • Natural glue


      • Eco-conscious materials 
      • Ethically sourced materials
      • Sustainable low-waste production techniques


        • Dimensions: 26 cm (10,2”) Width x 36 cm (14”) Height -approx
        • Weight: 0,5 kg (1,1 lbs)
        • Color: Natural Grey


        • Lithuania 


        • Please allow 4 business days to make the item ready to ship
        • Estimated shipping time: Europe 2-10 business days / Outside Europe 2-3 weeks


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