Sheep Rug | Animal Friendly

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This 100% animal-free Sheep Rug is handmade from organic wool. The Sheep Rug is beautifully organic, earthy and naturally modern. Fun and simple design that is both functional and artistic. 

Creating an effortlessly stylish and unique cozy look in your home, this product commands your attention and makes a bold style statement in the best of ways. Perfect for that corner of relaxation in your home or office. Available in 3 colors. Inquire about special sizes and colors.


SHEEP RUGS | Vacht Van Vilt - This amazing ethical company sources wool from small local farms only. They collect it personally to ensure quality and transparency in the well-being of the sheep. Unfortunately, over the last years sheep wool increasingly became a waste product. We need to make sure that this wonderful sustainable product will not become waste.

The leather free rugs are all handmade in Holland and felted with organic olive soap. Because the rugs are made from sheared wool, the artisan can make a rug every year from each sheep. It is a sustainable and honest product. At the back of the rug there's a felted rag of carded (combed) wool. This helps the rug to remain firmly together. These rags are carded from the artisan's own wool, confirming the sheep's origin and good treatment. Once there's enough carded wool for a rug, the rag is put on on shaved sheep wool. Now the felting begins, which is a lot of work! With water, soap and friction the wool fibers attach themselves to each other. After felting, the rug is thoroughly washed. When the rug is dry and clean, an authenticity stamp is sewn on. Each rug has it's own number, and is unique! The rugs come with their own custom-made bag. 

UNIQWA - The ethos behind Uniqwa is to use recycled and plantation woods in their range to create contemporary design. Featuring the exotic influence of African culture integrated with contemporary flair, Uniqwa’s distinctive and inspiring pieces are a stunning addition to any room.

Founder of Uniqwa Furniture, Charl van Heerden was born in South Africa, but studied Furniture Design + Technology at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by nature and ethnic culture, Charl uses this drive to create simple and functional pieces that showcase this exotic influence.

“I am and always have been inspired by the culture that I grew up in. It is such a creative place where people use materials often overlooked to create the most amazing pieces of art. I have learned that there is the potential for beauty in everything around us, but it is the way we use it, the way we see it and the way we apply it that makes it beautiful.” For inspired furniture that is organic, earthy and naturally modern, browse our curated Uniqwa Collection.


  • Handcrafted
  • Traditional craftsmanship
  • Cultural heritage
  • Good design


  • Leather free 100% pure shaving wool
  • Natural colors, no dyes used


  • Eco-conscious materials 
  • Ethically sourced materials
  • Animal-free materials
  • Sustainable low-waste production techniques


  • Dimensions: 120 x 70 cm approx
  • Weight: 2 kg / 5 lbs approx
  • Since these are natural organic products, some traces of grass may still be stuck within the wool


  • Netherlands / Australia


  • Delivery time: 2-4 weeks


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