NEW ARRIVAL > The DecksTop™ Collection

NEW ARRIVAL > The DecksTop™ Collection

The DecksTop™ Collection is the brainchild of leading-edge brand Focused Skateboard Woodworks.

The ethos behind this leading-edge brand Focused is their love of wood, especially seven-ply maple. The designers at Focused love the way it rides and they love the way it looks.

Saying goodbye to an old skateboard is never easy. Most of us never say goodbye, just keep our old rides stocked aside. Some are broken. Some are just worn out. Others simply leave their old decks behind after collecting their new wood at skate stores. In the end, they all end-up in a dark corner of a basement, attic or warehouse.

Focused makes sustainable furniture designs. No matter how old a skateboard is, the colors of those old seven plies are still full of life. By recycling skateboards, the brand not only combines the colorful look and strength of seven-ply maple into sustainable furniture designs, it also gives those old rides a new life. Instead of letting them fade in the dark, Focused lets those seven plies shine in your studio, office or home.

Every piece of furniture has its own story to tell.

DESIGN FEATURES > Handcrafted, Innovative craftsmanship, Cultural heritage, Good design

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