Raw Edge Mirror


The Raw Edge Mirror by Rotsen is a luxurious unique piece handmade by highly skilled woodworkers in the United States and Brazil.

These are strikingly modern designs that take their unrivaled beauty from the creative combination of contrasting materials. Rotsen melds wood from decaying bridges, old barns and demolished structures, harvested from fallen, well preserved trees, or from sustainable plantations and well managed forests with metal, glass, and plexiglas to create furniture that is luxurious, distinct and unforgettable.

Materials: Salvaged wood, mirror

Colors: Natural wood

Measurements: 72" Long x 30" Height x 2" Depth

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

Origin: USA

Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials, ethical sourcing, handmade.

Comments: Since this product is handmade from natural materials, it varies in texture and color - no two are the same.

Technical information: Shipped by national courier.