DESIGN TRENDS | wonderland

DESIGN TRENDS | wonderland

Wonderland is an evolution of wanting to embrace nature in all its senses. 

There is a longing towards the Nordic Shores with a strong feel of escapism. Colder climates and rougher landscapes are the new destinations where the human being has a much more difficult access to. This limitation makes it much more appreciated. Snow and ice stand for the ethereal, whereas floating icebergs are the new symbol to watch.

Inspired by this atmosphere, the winter interior trend Wonderland was born – it nourishes itself from creative vibes in arts, fashion, design.

Wonderland /

Draws major inspiration from the Nordic nature and brings the feeling of nature into our lives and homes | Evokes escapism and the desire to discover the inaccessible, the undiscovered | Ethereal, sometimes intangible | Desire to liberate from the conventions and limits, it refers to our inner urge to cut off the strings that make us function in our mundane life | Elusive, frosty colors, cold whites, icy blues, dark greens -but also opposing lava reds and other volcanic hues, soft sunset colors.

    To be inspired, see the Green Design Gallery’s Wonderland Collection.