Handmade in Britain from biodegradable sound absorbing wool felt, the Haven Lamp offers acoustic protection whilst providing an incredibly soft ambient glow.

A LED light panel floats inside, providing a warm and soft light to focus your energy and calm the senses.


In our increasingly open world there are times we all want to withdraw, for times when this is not possible HAVEN provides a sense of privacy and protection in the work or home environment.

AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS: The Hush Seating Pod was selected as the “Green Hero” for Grand Designs Live, UK, 2016 | 3D Design Grand Prize, UK, 2011 

Design type: Handcrafted  | Sculptural | Cultural

Sustainability: Biodegradable materials | Local ethically sourced raw materials | Sustainable production techniques

Year: 2016

Materials: Biodegradable felt | Recycled wool 

Colors: Main body: Grey (shown) or White | Red stitching

Dimensions: 90 cm L x 90 cm W x 50 cm H

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

Origin: Britain

Technical information: Only LED light bulb (E27) can be used (max 20w). Bulbs are not included. The lamp may be cleaned with a dry brush. Packed in a solid cardboard box and ships already assembled, all you need to do is mount it on the ceiling. Shipped by national courier. 

Comments: Due to natural materials, product may vary slightly from the one pictured.