Pluto Floor Lamp


Corky and fun, Pluto Floor Lamp is 100% handmade in Barcelona from upcycled newspapers.

Pluto fits in any contemporary environment such as the living room, bedroom, children's room, office, etc.


Pluto belongs to the collection of two lamps whose name refer to the dwarf planet Pluto (see the Pluto Pendant Lamp). This planet's structure changes while orbiting around the Sun and that became a source of inspiration to create two lamps.

Pluto’s internal structure consists of dense core of rocks surrounded by a mantle of ice. Its orbit is elongated and when Pluto is closer to the Sun, its temperature increases causing the ice to sublimate into gas. As Pluto moves away from the Sun, its atmosphere gradually freezes out, and falls to the ground. That inspired the creation of a floor lamp, with the thick, solid layer of paper, much heavier than in the pendant version.

The paper used for this creation was destroyed, broken into tiny pieces, then transformed into a whole new material entity by a technique using hot temperature. The "new" paper can be shaped in many different ways and in its final form brings an association with nature, its source. Handmade in Spain.

Materials: Recycled paper pulp | Wooden legs | Textile cable 

Color: Blue

Dimensions: 55 cm H x 40 cm W | Cable length: 1 meter

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks 

Origin: Spain

Technical information: The internal part of the lampshade has a particular pattern, different and unique in each lamp. The lamp comes with a 1 meter textile cable, let us know if you need a longer cord, we will add it for you. Lamps and cords are available in many colors, contact us for specific needs. Switch on cord. Only LED light bulb (E27) can be used (max 20w). Bulbs are not included. The lamp may be cleaned with a dry brush. Packed in a solid cardboard box and ships already assembled. Shipped by national courier.

Comments: Due to natural materials, product may vary slightly from the one pictured.