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Designer e-Gallery


Green Design Gallery's Purpose Is To Promote The World's Best Contemporary + Sustainable Designers / Good Change Advocates / Innovative Thinkers / Kind Visionaries / Inspirational Creators / Progressive Instigators / Revolutionary Artists / Industry Disrupters.

Want to be published as a innovative green designer / brand from the furniture & home decor industry? Drop us a line at The e-Gallery is updated frequently.

Our honorees are presented in alphabetical order.



Culturally Embedded Home Decor Products From Patagonia's Artisans

Adriana Marino - AnimanaAdriana Marina is the founder of animaná. She was born in Patagonia near the southernmost point of the world. She is fully committed to sustainable production, economic development of local communities, relationships with the artisans from the Andes and Patagonia and education of sustainability in fashion through NGO Hecho x Nosotros and Foro Moda Ética Latinoamérica. After obtaining her PhD in Economics, Adriana concentrated on issues of local development, inequality and poverty alleviation. She launched animaná as a social enterprise focused on reviving the Patagonian and Andean culture which she so deeply loves. green design gallery

The BCorp certified animaná brand works with producers of natural fibers and artisans from Patagonia all across Andes. Masters of the art that hold in their hands both wisdom and ancestral secrets. Messages transmitted within each piece they craft. The Patagonia and the Andean weavers are among the best in the world. Their goods fulfill everyday practical activities and also their artistic manifestations, are given as gifts for the gods and the sacred mountains.

The brand firmly believes that time has come for us, as consumers, to start listening. animaná seeks to work as an invisible connection between the Patagonian secrets and the Andes and the cosmopolitan places of the world. Their main purpose is to give a voice, to save a culture and the only way to do this, is to construct a bridge between them and you, the consumers. 

See animaná's luscious Throws, Blankets, Cushions and Carpets in our Textiles Collection.





How Plastic Bags Are Re-Defining Contemporary Lamp Design

green design galleryAukán designs and produces highly aesthetic, innovative products that inspire and give rise to modern, creative environments, by following clear sustainable concepts.

The brand emerged in 2012 as a design studio experimenting with new materials, mainly from the reuse of discarded ones. From that experience was born the PET line, designed from the reuse of plastic bottles, which was first shown at Puro Diseño Fair 2012 where it won the Sustainable Design Award.

green design galleryIn 2013 Aukán exhibited at MICA (Cultural Industries Market from Argentina), Feria Puro Diseño, Arte emergente in Borges Cultural Center and Salón Virla. In September 2013 they showcased at Maison & Objet Paris, and 100% Design London, where Aukan was selected by the Argentine Foreign Ministry and National Plan of Design. In 2014, Aukán exhibited on Roma Design Lab where they won a special mention with its Sinfín collection. 

See Aukán's fun and innovative Sinfin and PET Lamp Series in our Lighting and Decor Collections.








The Supra-Recycling Of Old Vespa Scooters Into Limited-Edition Chairs

bel&belBel & Bel is a studio-workshop founded in 2005 by the artists and designers Carles Bel and Jesus Bel. They both graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and soon realized that they were united by more than having the same last name. They decided to incorporate their common curiosity and design talent to a common project.

The Bel & Bel studio began with the readjustment of old objects into functional ones and increasingly they were overlooking final designs and projecting them into more innovative, more technologically challenged and customized personal pieces.

Today, Bel & Bel is an awarded designer brand for unique bel & bel vespa scooter chairand limited pieces with a very recognisable industrial style. Their work has been included in various Art and Design exhibitions and published internationally.

This expansion has made Bel & Bel a well known worldwide sustainable design firm, and as a brand associated with high “supra-recycling” standards. Bel & Bel's workshop / studio / showroom is located in Barcelona, in a seventeenth century farmhouse.

See Bel & Bel's uber-cool limited-edition Vespa Scooter Chairs in our Seating Collection.





Contemporary Furniture Design With a Humanitarian Heart

Bernardo UrbinaBernardo Urbina upcycles waste material into high-end furniture. Growing up in Costa Rica Bernardo fell in love with upcycling waste material into a thoughtful designed products. He decided to pursue his passion by studying Industrial Design at Pratt Institute. He continued his career by designing high-end furniture in Soho, New York City. There he worked closely with the distinguished furniture designer John Haushmand. Bernardo continued his studies by relocating to Milan, Italy - yet another design haven. There he earned a Master’s degree in Industrial Design for Architecture, which opened the door to exhibition design.

Recognizing his strength in designing furniture, Bernardo moved to Cebu City, Philippines, considered by many to be the Mecca for furniture production, where he worked as a senior designer for prestigious Filipino designer Vito Selma. green design gallery

Currently, he is the Designer and founder of Bernardo Urbina Design, where he developed Tacloban Prevails a furniture line that partners with victims of the Typhoon Haiyan to give their scrap wood new life. His dedication to exploring new material treatment methods of wood, metal, and rope drives him to evolve and create progressively.

See Bernardo Urbina's extensive and complete furniture collection, including his Tacloban Prevails Humanitarian Series in our Seating, Table, Mirror and Lighting Collections. 








Designing Sustainable Furniture For The Internet Age

The Laurel & Hardy Side Tables are presented as a World Premiere and sold exclusively at Green Design Gallery!

Boris BandyopadhyayBoris Indra Bandyopadhyay founded in 2013, the design office Bandyopadhyay interior + communication. He studied design at the Köln International School of Design (KISD) at the Humboldt University of Berlin.
green design gallery

During his studies he founded with friends the Design Studio Atlante that worked for clients such as culture Brau und Brunnen, German Telekom and Rhineland.
He then developed a furniture system to be configured by the Internet user, for which he won the EcoDesign Competition 2001, and the "eco-intelligent solutions through the use of new media" of the Republic of Austria.
In Switzerland he learned a special combination of traditional craftsmanship and high technology, which he incorporated into the first scalable and modular design system for solid wood furniture. In Berlin, he founded the online platform Alvari.
As a freelance designer, he works in the fields of interior design and communication design. His work has been nominated for the German Federal EcoDesign 2012 Design. As a German-Indian designer, he is particularly interested to bring together different cultures, design approaches and elements.

See our Side Table Collection for Alvari's exclusive international showcasing premiere of his brand new Laurel & Hardy Side Tables.










Giving a New Interpretation to Iron and Reclaimed Wood Crafting, Italian Style!

green design galleryCarapace is Fabio, Alessandro and Paolo, three brothers who wanted to develop a concept based on a family memory: their woodworking father. 
The idea of combining the simplicity and strength of iron with the natural elegance of wood – mainly reclaimed, reused wood – sprang from a creative process based on fundamental forms, environmental sustainability and a reinterpretation of the traditional craft styles of north-eastern Italy, where CARAPACE was design gallery

The brand designs and builds their products exclusively to order. Each piece is numbered and signed by Carapace © in Italy and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

See Carapace complete design portfolio in our Tables, Seating, Lighting and Decor Collections








Fusing Creation + Recycling In An Artful Rainbow Of Design

green design gallery

Crea-re Studio offers self-designed and handmade products. The name of the brand derives from creativity “CREA” and from recycling “RE”. Focusing mainly on the process of creation, creativity of ideas and on the recycling of unwanted objects. Their designs are 100% eco-friendly, using only water-based varnish and beeswax finish in our wood products. Their astonishing products are made in a limited edition of one-of-a-kind high quality items. 

green design gallery

Crea-Re lamps are made from unwanted newspapers, their shelves from upcycled wood, and their musical instrument bags are made from old truck tarpaulin and upcycled car seat belts. Feeling strongly against disposing things, Crea-Re gives a second life to unwanted material.

See Crea-Re stunning Lamps in our Lighting Collection, as well as their Limited-Edition Musical Instrument Bag Series in our Green Play Collection. 








From Discarded Plastic Bottles to One-of-a-Kind Luminaire

adolfo guinazu by2724

By 2724 was founded by Argentinian industrial designer Adolfo Guinazu. Having graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2008 in Industrial design, with a specialty in mechatronic design and biodesign, Guinazu proceeded to deepen his knowledge in bionics, biomechanics and scientific ergonomics, which are the substantive core of biodesign.
green design gallery

He then started the brand By 2724 with the aim to think and produce contemporary sustainable design. Making use of his biodesign background, Guinazu proceeded to reclaim old plastic bottles and turn the new material into a beautiful lamp collection. 
See our Lighting Collection for By 2724 Gonos, Pogo, Pompa and Selsius Lamps.








Design That Provides A Sense Of Privacy And Protection In Our Busy Daily Lives

green design galleryFreyja was born in Cornwall, Britain, and she grew up running around farms, hiding in cupboards and building forts in rhubarb fields. An early interest in design led to a design scholarship to Bedales, this resulted in early access to wonderful workshops and design facilities. Her university education took place in Brighton, where she could be near the ocean of her childhood. After an influential year of Product Design during which time she also met her future studio partner Catriona Sutter, she was awarded a first in 3D Design in design gallery

Exploring other cultures has become a central part of her creative practice, a four month scholarship to live and work in Japan further developed a lifelong passion for Japanese design, or rather the philosophy which produces the design. Japan is a country which has for many generations dealt with the issues of many people, few resources, and a heightened consideration of our own mortality. 

Freyja believes there are still many lessons to draw from this. Freyja’s work aims to have an inherent sustainability. Often working with materials that are natural or biodegradable, she takes an experimental approach to product development. Her long term aim is to reduce consumption by making sustainable, long-lasting products that bring pleasure and excitement into our lives. Since the founding of her studio in 2011 she has completed commissions for such clients as The London Design Museum and Selfridges.

See Freyja Sewell's incredibly cozy Hush and Smush Seating Pods in our Seating Collection, as well as her Haven and Hush Lamp Shades in our Lighting Collection.





Capturing The Unpredictable And Dramatic Encounter Between The Natural Elements Of Wood And Aluminum Through Wood Casting™

green design galleryHilla Shamia is a product designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Upon graduating her Industrial Design studies at Holon Institute of Technology, Hilla opened an independent design studio.

The studio focuses on material research and development of forms, whilst drawing tremendous inspiration from the process of time and the supposed imperfections found in design gallery

Hilla Shamia’s acclaimed Wood Casting™ furniture seeks to capture the unpredictable and dramatic encounter between the natural elements of wood and aluminum. It has been featured in major international design magazines such as Wallpaper, Dezeen, Viewpoint , Financial Times and Cosmopolitan, and has been included in major design shows such as London Design Week, Milan Design Week and Ambiente, Frankfurt.

See our Table and Console Collections for Hilla Shamia's incredible Wood Casting technique showcased in her organically stunning Console and Side Table Collections.









From Recycled Paper Pulp To Minimalist Award-Winning Designs 

green design galleryINDI is a Lithuanian based creative studio which designs original lighting and home objects. INDI is not the kind of brand that works only for the result, they consider creativity as a permanent process similar to the always changing home environment. green design gallery

The individuality of Lithuanian design, Baltic spirit and Nordic minimalism inspire INDI to create distinctive lifestyle aesthetics full of light and witty ideas. Light is a necessary element for well-being, inner harmony and coziness.

During the cold season in Lithuania days become very short, people experience the lack of sun and natural light. That’s why the significance of home light sources becomes very important. The simplicity, natural elements and tranquility is common to INDI. Their goal is to create things that will be not only esthetic and environmentally friendly, but will also have an original implication and excite the imagination.

See INDI's award-winning entire Lamp Series in our Lighting Collection, as well as their Eina and Tiksi Clocks and Sala Decorative Stones in our Decor Collection.




Less Is More (Les.Mo) - Sustainability Through Open Design

Paulo Victor Santos LesmoPaulo Victor Santos started working with design in 2008, graduated in Industrial Design in 2011 and just finished, in 2016, his Masters in Integrated Design in Germany. His experience relies on strategic design and mostly on industrial design. Santos has the design process at heart, as well as the pursuit of minimalist design. Santos is also the founder of Lesmo, a design brand of downloadable design gallery
At Lesmo, they believe that less can be more, and better. By applying a design process that values functional and aesthetic simplicity, Lesmo develops contemporary products, of easy reproduction and free download. By using the idea of open source furniture, the products are developed to be downloaded, made, assembled and unassembled easily.
Lesmo products can be bought to order through Green Design Gallery. We ship them flat-packed, and the user can do the set-up at home following a simple instruction guide. This is DIY at it's best! Every project has also a free download authorization under a non-commercial Creative Commons license and can be executed manually or using CNC machines.
See Lesmo's Arakno and Kross Chairs in our Seating Collection, as well as the Kross Lamp and Side Table (shown in picture) in our Lighting and Table Collections




Open Source Design Is "Making The World A Better Place, One Credenza At A Time"

green design galleryModify Furniture is a unique design/build studio that is carving out a niche in a busy design world. Their concept is an "Open-Source" Furniture Line. Modify's premise is that people are all unique, with different tastes and needs. Further, we feel that everyone has the potential to be a creator. Thus, they have designed a furniture line as a “blank canvas” for people to explore their own artistry. By offering colored sliding panels that are easy to swap, clients can redesign their furniture every day. Each item is handmade and materials are sourced locally by vendors with the same values as theirs, dedicated using the highest quality materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing methods. green design gallery

Modify works for a better future, the brand proudly hits every corner of the green triangle. They have carefully chosen each material component of their furniture with design, function and sustainability in mind. By using rapidly renewable bamboo, recycled content aluminum, organic powder coating and low VOC finishes Modify offers quality furniture that is safe for the environment and safe for your family.
The core of Modify's design is based on making long lasting, high quality and multifunctional products. With their made-to-order business model, they avoid overstock. With in-house manufacturing they can easily optimize processes to minimize waste. 

Modify sources most of their materials from local vendors within 250 miles of the Bridgeport factory, saving energy by minimizing transportation. The clean simple and timeless design of the Polychrome credenzas, dressers and desks allows each piece to blend seamlessly into any room, any style. The colored panels are designed to be swapped, making it simple to "redress".

Modify not only sources the aluminum from a local vendor that uses 30% recycled content; they also recycle any scrap aluminum from their manufacturing process. Their accessory line is cleverly designed to use the leftover pieces of bamboo that would otherwise be scrap so our waste is typically under 5%. They are also happy to donate any extra shipping pallets to the Bridgeport-based Palatable Project where they are converted into vertical vegetable planters for the community.

See our Cabinet Collection for Modify's Polychrome Series (shown in picture) as well as their Afterdark Series, where the brand partners up with local artists to project beautiful art into the brand's furniture panels.



O&E is inspired by places: New York, Shanghai, Venice Beach, Hong Kong...

randall stantonO&E launched the Bongo on Kickstarter in 2013. Bongo is a bluetooth speaker produced sustainably from natural bamboo and recycled plastic. It’s hand finished and furnished with hemp speaker grills.

green design gallery

The speakers were made in collaboration with designer Meghan Sebold. Meghan worked with the O&E team to select and style the beautiful 100% hemp speaker cloths, colored rings and bamboo grain, that together would be used to make the speakers. The final design is simple but eye catching and in our opinion they are far nicer to look at than all the plastic looking speakers on the market.

Otis & Eleanor was set up by Adam, Randall and Mike, their aim is to collaborate with great designers and produce products they love. They want to be involved in the process from start to finish which means designing, producing and distributing their own products.

The idea is that by doing each step of the process themselves, they can change the status quo. Their main goal is to make sure the designers they collaborate with get a fair cut for their work. O&E is inspired by places. New York, Shanghai, Venice Beach, Hong Kong, Wellfleet. They love to travel - some of them live abroad - and they want to create products that would travel with them.

See Otis & Eleanor's exquisite Bongo Speaker in our Play Collection







An Uncompromising Approach To Creating Unique Furniture Led To The Perfect Balance Between Design, Functionality And Art

green design galleryPeter Qvist has a distinct style of expression that is recognizable throughout his furniture, architecture and art projects. Peter has made it his trademark to combine advanced 3D modeling with skilled craftsmanship. He has found that the two different working methods complement each other to perfection. An uncompromising approach to creating unique form furniture has led to the perfect balance of design, functionality and design gallery

With his design statements, the designer strives to unite the sophisticated and adventurous with the simple and elegant. With this unification Peter's aim is, that the viewer/user gets the pleasant satisfaction from the experience of simplicity while being stimulated by their curiosity about complexity. Previously, Peter Qvist has gained support from several Danish foundations for his development work in the fields of both architecture and furniture.


See Qvist entire amazing product portfolio in our Seating, Shelves, Table and Decor Collections. 




Designing For Sustainable Change, Women's Empowerment And Social Impact

doron shatiel quazi designQuazi Design designs for sustainable change and social impact, creating responsible and thoughtful products by transforming discarded waste magazines into original accessories and interiors. Based in Swaziland, all products are handmade by local women, empowering them through skill sharing and a living wage. Quazi Design believes that craftsmanship and ethical production could prove to be a vital economic sector for Africa. They want to change the perception of recycled materials by developing innovative techniques combined with locally sourced environmentally friendly or recycled materials. A founding member of SWIFT, Swaziland fair trade, Quazi Design is an active advocate for fair trade principles.
Quazi Design was started in 2009 in order to create much needed employment in Swaziland, Southern Africa. They started with a simple concept, employing one artisan, believing in the potential to have a positive impact. It is a partnership between Doron Shatiel (a designer from the UK), who is the creative and managing director, the force behind the business, and the local magazine distributors. Quazi Design's workshop is situated in Sidwashini, in the industrial area of Mbabane, the capital city of Swaziland. 

quazi designThe women artisans are employed full time with permanent contracts, giving them job security and a living wage. Most of the artisans were previously unemployed, and on average each have 7 dependents each. The handcraft sector in Swaziland is thriving, and its clever combination of good design and high quality products shows the rest of Africa how it can be a powerful tool for lifting communities.

See Quazi Design's magnificently organic Bowls and Lamp Shades (shown in picture) in our Vases + Bowls and Lighting Collections.





Consciously Creative, It's Second Nature

rotsen furnitureSince 2005, Rotsen Furniture has created pieces integrating wood’s organic characteristics with a clean, graceful, modernist aesthetic. The starting point and inspiration for each piece comes from the wood itself. The materials speak to the designers and guide them to create unique and custom heirloom-quality furniture and artwork. Combined with the additional elements of metal, glass, and plexiglass, the result is impressive, holistic pieces of exquisite craftsmanship.

rotsen furnitureClients include the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt and W Hotels, as well as renowned interior design firms. Furniture has been created for both residential and corporate properties in the US and throughout the world including Mexico, Canada, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Rotsen produces its furniture at facilities in the US and in Brazil, aiding in the generation of employment to help strengthen local economies and communities.
Rotsen Furniture is dedicated to making the world more beautiful and comfortable, while promoting environmental sustainability and the use of renewable sources. Wood is sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica and California and certified by The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) as well as farms endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Most of it is discovered in remote areas as naturally fallen, well preserved trees, trunks found in rivers and lakes at the end of their life, or harvested from sustainable plantations and well managed forests. rotsen furnitureRotsen also utilizes reclaimed materials from decaying bridges, old barns and demolished structures that are sometimes more than 100 years old. These found objects are given new life in designs with exclusive characteristics and one-of-a-kind details. Rotsen Furniture is committed to environmental preservation. By supporting Plant A Billion Trees, a program of The Nature Conservancy, the company pledges to plant no less than 10 trees for each item sold during 2011. The program assists in restoring Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, which plays an important part in our planet’s ecosystem. Tropical forests, such as the Atlantic, release oxygen and store carbon dioxide in a never-ending cycle assisting in climate regulation and fighting global warming.

See Rotsen's complete and extensive furniture's portfolio in our Table, Console and Decor Collections




Turning Waste Products Into Designer Rugs

green design galleryRug Solid is a rug company based in Denmark. The brand recycles 2nd-hand clothing and leather into fresh rugs, to help conserve our planet's scarce resources. Rug Solid’s fundamental idea is rooted in recycle. The brand is taking it upon itself to give wasted materials new life by transforming it something beautiful and useful. Less waste. More function. It’s that simple. 
”Scandinavian Simplicity” lives in Rug Solid's designs, which are all made in Denmark. And this notion of simplicity lives all the way down to the production level. Here, they have sought away from industrialized production, finding refuge in a wonderful and charming village 100 kilometers outside New Delhi in India. Over time, Rug Solid has become part of the local village culture, where basically every adult involves him/herself in the production of the rugs. This way, the local charm and culture is now part of the design gallery

green design galleryRug Solid handweaves both leather, cotton, plastic and even bicycle tube rugs. Before the weaving process, however, they first have to gather materials. For the first two, they collect the fabric remnants from the containers they're in, after which they colour and quality sort them. By melting used plastic bottles and mixing them with coloured PVC granulates, they can produce plastic sheets. These are then cut up into strips, and then the weaving of the plastic rugs can start. 

Rug Solid's rug made of old bicycle tubes used to ride the streets near the famous Taj Mahal in India. Well not the actual rug of course, but the bike from where they get the bicycle tubes. They love garbage. Therefore, the brand sends a man (on a bike) to pick up used bicycle tubes at different repair shops. Once back in the small village they cut the tubes in small strips and weave them to make a perfect rug.


See Rug Solid's complete and extensive product portfolio in our Carpet + Rug Collection.



Transforming Fallen Cypress Branches Into Beautiful Minimalist Split Wood Lights And Sculptures

green design galleryHawaii-based designer/maker Paul Foeckler salvages wood from fallen cypress trees to create gorgeous lamps and sculptures. Working under the name Split Grain, Foeckler slices and splices each piece of wood to make truly unique, organic, one-of-a-kind products.
green design galleryFoeckler works meticulously, sometimes taking up to 100 hours to turn a weathered piece of wood into a functional work of art. A lot of labor and care goes into choosing the right piece of wood and the precise location for a section in these beautiful, simply stunning light fixtures and fine art wood sculptures. 
Split Grain explores the hidden beauty of the wood grain and growth of trees. Each piece deconstructs a form to reveal the unique contours, patterns and characteristics of California Coastal Monterey Cypress and is then supported by either steel or illuminated by light.  

His fine art wood sculpture collection is a simple but wholly intriguing set of illuminating or suspended pieces. Some tower up with monolithic presence, peculiar notched spaces creating an almost runic appearance as they glow from a hidden power source, while others are supported by steel, forming a reticulated spine from the unique contours of the tree, transforming mere lumber into strange, fossilized remains on display. Both techniques not only serve to show the vivid patterns of the cypress, but a form of frozen vertical and horizontal movement that each tree might have had.

See Split Grain's magnificent Light Sculptures in our Lighting Collection and Cypress Suspended Sculptures in our Decor Collection.




Honoring The Simplicity Of The Cube And Of Raw Materials

green design galleryStudio La Cube is a design firm located in the center of Madrid. The studio is run by an Italian designer, Stefano Fusani, and a Spanish art historian, Clara Hernandez, who have united their different experiences and personal perspectives about art and design.
The brand was created with the idea to make a work space in which to construct and deconstruct the form of everyday objects. As well as being an interesting creative process, Studio La Cube researches the best quality for its products, based on two fundamental concepts: the quality of the raw material and the process of artisan production.

green design galleryStudio La Cube has a fundamental concept - yet of infinite interpretation - as it's main idea: the cube. This form which is simple, artificial, of everyday use, is a passionate and stimulating starting point from which to reflect on the possibilities of its simplicity and from which to develop a series of elaborations, whose relationship with the cube is its authentic essence. 
Therefore, all of Studio La Cube's products are created starting from a small variation of the cubic form, from which new designs configured, creating a dialogue which is always diverse while originating from the same base origin.  

See Studio La Cube's award-winning Simmis Chair (shown in picture) and Simmis Stool in our Seating Collection, as well as their industrial Alfil Table in our Table Collection, and singular Jug de la Romba (shown in picture) in our Vase Collection.






Contemporary Outdoor Furniture That Decreases Deforestation And Reduces Plastic Waste In Our Oceans

green design galleryDesign and manufacture within environmental boundaries has been Van de Sant's key target over the past years. The brand's concept was born out of the idea of bringing the interior furniture's comfort and sharp design to the exterior state of mind. Van de Sant's mind has never been distracted from innovation, and always focused on sustainability.
Founder and designer Robert Milder believes that every small step has large consequences, and they took that small step many years ago, which brought Van de Sant to be the first carving the sustainable outdoor furniture niche, because they care.
green design galleryBringing luxurious quality in the open, Van de Sant can measure itself with the finest exclusive outdoor furniture brands in the world. Every piece is made-to-order in a fine colour palette, in various multifunctional shapes, using the best materials. The brand exudes environmental awareness. In fact, years ago, Van de Sant created an innovative way of manufacturing outdoor furniture. By using sustainable raw materials like recycled plastic and carpet fibre sheets, their company increased the focus on the ecological environment.

green design galleryWith the challenge of not using wood, Van de Sant is continuously improving their products to a higher standard in the outdoor furniture market. They are not only decreasing deforestation, they are also taking part in reducing plastic waste in our oceans! 

See Van de Sant's exquisite and complete Outdoor Sofas, Table and Chair series in our Outdoor Collection. 





- Green Design Gallery (GDG)