Hamali Block Coffee Table / INDOOR-OUTDOOR

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Inspired by nature, the Hamali Block Coffee Table is made from reclaimed teak, combining the warmth and character of beautifully aged teak with modern style

Made from recycled teak wood from Javanese houses, the Hamali Coffee Table features an attractive design. Enhance your lounge today with this stylish coffee table. 


Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 36 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Recycled Teak wood from old Javanese houses
Stainless steel corner sleeve

Suitable for full outdoor use.

This piece is made from reclaimed teak, selectively salvaged from fallen down old Javanese buildings, that has naturally aged over decades of exposure to the elements.

The ageing process is reflected throughout each piece, presenting unique markings and diverse colour tones. These characteristics form part of the authenticity and beauty of reclaimed teak.

Teak is highly resistant to outdoor conditions, bugs and moisture retention and offers incredible benefits over other natural materials for use in outdoor spaces.

The natural tendency for teak is to patina beautifully into a silvery-grey look, which develops over time in natural conditions, including sunlight and ambient moisture.

The benefits of teak wood allow it to weather gracefully but also maintain its integrity so as not to degrade like other hardwoods and softwood.


Traditional craftsmanship
Cultural heritage
Good design


    Eco-conscious materials
    Ethically sourced materials
    Sustainable low-waste production techniques




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