We love the curves on this piece!

Completely made by hand in seagrass, this lightweight stool has the perfect size to become a flexible addition to any home.

You just have to love the craftmanship of our Vietnamese home industry workers, who created an absolutely stunning piece of furniture here. Use it in the living room, as a bed side table, or even on your covered outside space.


  • Dia (cm): 42
  • Height (cm): 47
  • Color: Natural
  • Material(s): Seagrass, water hyacinth
  • This piece of furniture is handcrafted from natural materials, allowing slight differences in color and size which we celebrate!

Seagrass lives in the coastal waters in most of the continents. Seagrass is unique because it is the only flowering plant that can live underwater. Dried seagrass makes beautiful furniture. Seagrass furniture is woven by hand, while the plants are still green. Because the seagrass dries, the furniture will lose the green color, become firm and ready to use.

Water Hyacinth is a green water plant that grows in tropical waterways in Vietnam. Once it is dried, it becomes a durable and sustainable material for weaving. It is quite similar to rattan, but water hyacinth is much softer which makes it easier to create different shapes and accessories.


Traditional craftsmanship
Cultural heritage
Good design


      Fair Trade
      Eco-conscious materials
      Ethically sourced materials and labor
      Sustainable low-waste production techniques


        Delivery time: 2-12 weeks (depending on availability)


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