Scooter Vespa Chair | Limited Edition BV-14

Chair Color:
Light Blue/Orange line
Seat Color:
Black & White

The hip Scooter Vespa Chair | Limited Edition BV-14 is made from original parts of the legendary Italian scooter from the 80’s.

By re-using the chassis they have created an original and unique model of swivel chair. Not everyone can pull off riding a Vespa around town, but anyone would look damn fine sitting in one of these swivel chairs by Bel & Bel, no mod outfit or goggles necessary. These chairs are manufactured, customized and handmade in numbered series, which makes each piece unique. Each chair comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Its ergonomic design, featuring a height-adjustable hydraulic piston base, reclining back and soft-tread wheels, ensure that the Vespa Chair is as comfortable as it is stylish. One of the best parts is that besides their basic color palette (red, black or silver with varying hues of leather upholstery) you can have the color customized according to your preference. So whether it’s a manic orange-  or a never-seen-in-nature blue, your Vespa chair will match your personality (contact us for special orders). Another cool feature? The lights on the chassis back are fully functional! We bet you’ve never sat in a chair with headlights before!    

The Scooter Vespa Chair's traditional character and high-end components only makes it a unique product and a great sample of contemporary design. It is also a piece emotionally charged for all lovers of this classic and iconic motorcycle.

The base model can be customized with a wide variety of extras (if you are interested in customizing your chair or need more info, please contact us at Available in a wide array of colors and color combinations.


Bel & Bel is a renowned name in the world of premium sustainable art & design. Their radical furniture pieces made by upcycling automobile icons like Vespa & Fiat 500 have become one of the most sought after pieces of design.

Google headquarters has their own Vespa chairs & Piaggio Museum in Rome has incorporated them as permanent exhibits. Virgin Hotels in Chicago display the Vespa Chair in all their suites, where everything has been designed by owner Richard Branson to be hip, functional and comfortable (as seen in the product's pictures). 

Design type: Numbered Limited Edition (Certificate of Authenticity included) | Customisable | One-Of-A-Kind | Vintage | Cutting-Edge | Handcrafted | Cultural

Sustainability: Upcycled materials | Local ethically sourced materials | Innovative sustainable techniques

Year: 2016

Materials: Recycled original parts from 1980's Vespa Scooters | Leather upholstery 

Colors - Chair : Red, Black, Silver, Orange, Blue, Light blue & Orange line | Seat leather upholstery : Black, White, Black & White, Beige, Orange, Blue

Dimensions: 60 cm width x 70 cm depth x 120 cm height

Weight: 20 kg (approximate)

Origin: Barcelona, Spain

Comments: Ships in wooden crate, by national courier. Needs small assembly.