Giro Table | Desk


Produced in Spain by the latest CNC technology and then handfinished, the FSC oak wood Giro Table is great both in a dining setting and as a desk. 

Sustainable furniture knows how to be multifunctional and Giro is no exception. Showing a very refined look, Giro is a versatile design that may work as a desk since it includes a cable management system.


Both the Giro Table and it's set companion, the upholstered Stack Chair, feature detachable legs and are finished with Formica for durability. The beautifully intricate finger joinery is just amazing. Advancing both form and function, the traditional technique allows for hardware-free assembly (not to mention disassembly) without sacrificing sturdiness.

As an added bonus, the upholstered chairs are also stackable - a unique feature rarely seen in upholstered seating. All these design details make the set especially practical in small spaces.


Spanish studio Carlos Ortega Design is inspired by natural raw materials and innovative manufacturing processes. Driven by the observation of usability and the identification of user's needs, the studio delivers top quality, multifunctional, long lasting products. 

From low-waste production techniques, to FSC certified wood, to recycled marble and ceramic dust, Carlos Ortega Design uses a combination of latest technologies and traditional craftsmanship to creatively and sustainably design great classic furniture that will last a lifetime.


  • Handmade | One-of-a-Kind | Innovative Technology | Traditional Craftsmanship


  • FSC solid oak wood | Water-based glue


  • Eco-friendly raw materials | Recycable materials | Local ethically sourced materials | Sustainable production methods


  • Color: Natural wood, white Formica | Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 75 cm | Weight: 40 kg | Hardware-free assembly


Segovia, Spain


  • Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Flat-packed.
  • Supplier shall deliver this item inclusive of applicable shipping duties and insurance - please see our Shipping Policy for more information on international shipping


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