Foodies all over the world are crazy about our Burned Collection, and rightfully so!

Your food has never been so Insta-licious with our black-burnt tableware collection. The contrast with your colourful meals gives it a unique appeal.

Sharing is caring! And nothing better than sharing a plate of food - especially if it looks fingerlicking good. The Burned Tapas Plate is perfect for small bites, sushi or even slices of bread. The deep black terracotta makes any colour pop and will certainly impress your guests.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 31 x 19 x 3 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Material(s): Burned Terracotta
  • Food proof: Yes
  • Dishwasher proof: No
  • This piece is handcrafted from natural materials, allowing slight differences in color and size, which we celebrate!

Terracotta is a clay-based pottery and tableware, usually recognizable by the brownish-red color. The natural and Mediterranean look suits almost every garden and interior. Perfect for those who love a modern design with a wink to the past


You are invited on a faraway journey to the dancing islands, ancient traditions and heavenly beaches of Indonesia. This stunning piece was inspired by a passion for travel, and was handcrafted with love from eco-friendly materials such as water hyacinth, banana leaves, rattan, grass and bamboo.

All items are handcrafted in a sustainable way and moreover, its production is a  means for supporting the local Balinese economy, paying particular attention to adequate working conditions, high quality finishing and guarantee fair wages for their workers, proudly making this piece Fair Trade.

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Traditional craftsmanship
Cultural heritage
Good design


      Fair Trade
      Eco-conscious materials
      Ethically sourced materials and labor
      Sustainable low-waste production techniques


        Delivery time: 2-8 weeks, please inquire


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