Proudly handmade from recycled paper in Spain

Sculptural vase handcrafted from paper pulp in black umber colour.

Beautiful minimalist look and practical at the same time. 

Vase for dry flowers made from paper mache

This paper mache vase looks stunning also on its own as a sculptural decorative piece. It is a medium one from the collection of 3 paper mache pots. Its organic form is inspired with body shape.


Handcrafted from pulped newspapers, water based, cellulosic glue and natural earth pigments. All these components, as well as the process of vase formation, are environmentally friendly and ecologic. Moreover the vase is very lightweight, durable and covered with a protection layer against humidity. 


Vase is available in a variety of colours. If you wish to customise it please drop us a line on our email. 


19 cm height / 7.4 inch

28 cm wide / 11 inch

(28 × 28 × 19 cm)


The paper used for this creation was destroyed, broken into tiny pieces, then transformed into a whole new material entity by a technique using hot temperature. The "new" paper can be shaped in many different ways and in its final form brings an association with nature, its source. Handmade in Spain.

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks 

Origin: Spain

Comments: Due to natural materials and handmade production, product may vary slightly from the one pictured.