Coastal Designer Furniture At Its Best!

Coastal Designer Furniture At Its Best!

Reminiscent of exotic travels, the Uniqwa Collection is beautifully organic, earthy and naturally contemporary.  Fitting in any design oriented environment, most of the Uniqwa products are fit to go outdoors.


The ethos behind Uniqwa is to use recycled and plantation woods in their range to create contemporary design. Featuring the exotic influence of African culture integrated with contemporary flair, Uniqwa’s distinctive and inspiring pieces are a stunning addition to any room.

Founder of Uniqwa Furniture, Charl van Heerden was born in South Africa, but studied Furniture Design + Technology at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by nature and ethnic culture, Charl uses this drive to create simple and functional pieces that showcase this exotic influence. 

“I am and always have been inspired by the culture that I grew up in. It is such a creative place where people use materials often overlooked to create the most amazing pieces of art. I have learned that there is the potential for beauty in everything around us, but it is the way we use it, the way we see it and the way we apply it that makes it beautiful.”

For inspired furniture that is organic, earthy and naturally modern, browse our curated Uniqwa Collection.


Traditional craftsmanship
Cultural heritage
Good design


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  • Feb 07, 2018

    Beautiful creation, Loved the furniture design. I have found lots of different furniture designs here on your website but this one is most beautiful. I have recently purchased furniture from Kathy Adams Interiors and I love it.

    — Ethan Wright

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