Let's Celebrate the Month of Love

Let's Celebrate the Month of Love

Everything is a little sweeter in February, and that includes romantic-inspired décor trends!
As designer furniture and interior décor enthusiasts, we can’t help but fall in love with the unique aspects of each month to inspire changes around the home. Now that February is here, we’re feeling warm and fuzzy with the influence of Valentines Day!
But hold off on the lackluster window decals and crepe paper, we’ve compiled a few romantic-inspired décor trends you’ll be proud to flaunt all month long.

February Décor Trend #1: Infusions of Red and Orange

The easiest way to inspire a romantic feel in your home décor is infusing your space with a pop of color. Red, being the most passionate hue in the color spectrum, ignites warmth, spiciness and sensuality that works beautifully during February and the icy winter months.green design gallery
If you’re daring, a bold red wall is the best way to achieve this. Even on a small accent wall, the pop of this luscious color instantly upgrades any room with serious avant-garde appeal. Red comes in a variety of warm and cold tones to marry perfectly with the rest of your home décor. Cool red looks a bit bluish, while warm red and orange have a yellowish cast; so, make sure you choose wisely before selecting a color.green design gallery

If you’re not keen on painting, go the easy route with a fabulous new accent piece that easily strikes a conversation like the Claro Coffee Table. The bold red legs in this contemporary yet classic piece is a sophisticated way to add a touch of romance without time-consuming upgrades like paint or wallpaper.

Another way to pop color in your décor is by complementing your space with a warm throw. Made of a medium to heavy weight knit and 100% ethical, our D'aish Blanket in gorgeous shades of orange and red is the ultimate lightweight soft blanket/throw, in wide waffle-knit. 100% ethical and created in a delightful multi-tonal weave, the end effect is subtle yet striking. Simplicity is its beauty. Feminine and sweet, the D'aish Throw is a February staple! Whether it’s used in the living room, bedroom or wherever you feel like lounging, it can be switched out and swapped as the seasons change.

February Décor Trend #2: Mixing Rugs

The most hated part of winter is the cold, but you can combat the chill of February and create a touch of romance in your space simply by mixing rugs- (much trendier than wall-to-wall carpeting!)

green design galleryMixing rugs adds warmth to your space and lets you play with size, shape, texture and color in ways wall-to-wall carpeting won’t allow.
We love the idea of anchoring a living room with our grey Sheep Rug, this 100% animal-free rug is handmade from organic wool. The Sheep Rug is beautifully organic, earthy and naturally modern. Fun and simple design that is both functional and artistic. It also feels wonderful on the feet, creating a much-needed softness you crave during the winter.green design gallery

The mixing can be complemented with our flatter, streamlined Remnant Cotton Rug in Red - handwoven with cotton residues from the fashion industry, the exquisite Remnant Rug will add an absolute extra coolness to your floor.
Mixing the two styles adds visual interest to your home without competing or overcrowding the space with accessories - it also shows a peak of your gorgeous wooden floors in between the rugs.

GDG Tip: If you’re afraid to mix color, choose one color and play with different textures instead.

February Décor Trend #3: A Touch of Sweetness

What would February be without a touch of sweetness? Putting your favorite Valentine’s Day treats on display is a simple and sophisticated way to embrace the sweet side of February.green design gallery

Glass vases are great in this environment, such as our Glow Vase – whimsical and handcrafted from reclaimed plastics by award-winning designer Kimberly Markel.

Decorative bowls and candy dishes are staple accessories you have in your home, so switching up their contents is affordable, easy and stylish. Our Sinfin Bowl fits that role perfectly! Fun and organically shaped, the Sinfin Bowl is handmade in Argentina from upcycled out-of-stock industrial timing belts.green design gallery

If candy doesn’t suit your style, there’s nothing more elegant than an extravagant bowl of fresh fruit to brighten your day and add luxury to your surroundings. Placed atop a gorgeous GDG accent table, nothing could be sweeter!

Do our February décor trends have you feeling inspired to try something sweet this month? We’d love to hear your ideas. Tell us all about them in the comments below!




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