The Shwabana pendant offers natural elegance; crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant is a unique blend of style and sustainability

Inspired by organic triangulated shapes, the Shwabana pendant is the perfect addition to any space. They also look impressive in a cluster in larger spaces. 

This pendant's fine textured surface is crafted from a mixture of rough resin and natural sand corns. Featuring a minimalist design, the Shwabana pendant seamlessly blends contemporary esthetics with timeless elegance, making a versatile addition that complements any style.

Available in SMALL and LARGE.


  • Dims: Dia 40m x H 40cm
  • Materials: Mixture of rough resin and natural sand corns
  • Color: Finished in satin white
  • Sold as a shade
  • Handmade product, each piece is unique. 


  • Handcrafted
  • Traditional craftsmanship
  • Cultural heritage
  • Good design


  • Eco-conscious materials
  • Ethically sourced materials
  • Sustainable low-waste production techniques


    • Australia


    • Availability time: 2-20+ weeks, depending on availability (please inquire if you are working on a tight schedule)
    • Supplier order processing time: 2 weeks
    • Transit time (air freight): 3-5 days
    • Shipped directly from the supplier, internationally packaged and properly insured, FOB point of origin (client is responsible to issue an insurance claim in case of transport damage)


    Every piece has a story…

    Our range is largely individually, hand-made pieces. As the majority of our products are made from natural materials, elements such as texture, colour and pattern may vary piece to piece.

    Reclaimed timbers, naturally weathered materials and off-cuts otherwise discarded are frequently part of Uniqwa design features. Over time, natural splitting, cracking and loss of natural oils may occur and form part of the characteristics and beauty of Uniqwa products. These are not viewed as imperfections or faults, rather part of the natural life and beauty of timber.

    We believe the use of natural materials and hand-crafted elements result in a testament to the unique qualities found in materials originating from nature.

    As every monitor displays different colour tones, the colour of pictures on our website and social media cannot be taken as a true colour indication of the actual products. Some product's tones may appear to vary from catalogue or website images.


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