Smush Seating Pod


Smush is handmade in Britain from biodegradable felt - it's also a fuzzy nest of felt ideal to curl up and hide away in, ideal for any playful and design oriented home or office.

Big enough to invite a friend, or even two, the Smush Seating Pod is a Hush Seating Pod that has been "smushed".

As Hush's more social brother, Smush provides traditional open seating. It features no hard frame, instead allowing the soft yet rigid felt to do the work, comfortably cradling you in a great cozy seat. 


The main body of Smush is cut from a single piece of 10mm industrial wool felt. Wool is naturally flame retardant, breathable, durable and elastic; it is also multi-climatic, meaning it is warm when the environment is cold and cool when it’s warm. It is of course biodegradable and so won’t clog up landfill after disposal. It is produced sustainably from animals out in the open, with each sheep producing a new fleece each year. The internal padding is made from recycled wool fibers, produced as a by-product of the British carpet industry.

Freyja Sewell set out to create a cozy seat, handmade from natural, biodegradable materials.

AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS: The Hush Seating Pod was selected as the “Green Hero” for Grand Designs Live, UK, 2016 | 3D Design Grand Prize, UK, 2011 

Design type: Handcrafted  | Sculptural | Cultural

Materials: Biodegradable felt | Recycled wool

Sustainability: Biodegradable materials | Local ethically sourced raw materials | Sustainable production techniques

Year: 2016

Colors: Main body: Grey (shown) or White | Stitching: Red 

Dimensions: 130 cm H x 142 cm W x 142 cm L | Seat height: 32 cm

Delivery time: 4-5 weeks

Origin: Britain

Comments: Interior cushions (shown in pictures) not included. Due to natural materials, product may vary slightly from the one pictured.