Our lovely Petal Pendant Lamp combines the functionality of a light with the beauty of a ceramic sculpture

Each clay petal is handmade in South Africa - no two petals are the same making this piece the ultimate focal point of your hallway or bedroom. These beauties can be placed anywhere in the home to add interest, texture and little bit of cool.

Minimal design, clean and simple.

  • 2 SIZES:
    • SMALL - 70cm High x 55cm Diameter / 27.5” High x 22” Diameter / 25K
    • MEDIUM - 90cm High x 70cm Diameter / 35.5” High x 28” Diameter / 36K
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Handmade Clay Petals
  • COLOR: Natural (shown)
  • Hanging Cord Colors: Jute Cord, Copper Chain or Matte Gold Chain
  • Power Source: Hardwired
  • Voltage: 110-150v
  • PRODUCTION TYPE: Handmade, One of a Kind
  • PRODUCTION TIME: 2-8 weeks
  • We can custom make any colour you like. See colour swatch in image gallery
  • Handmade in Africa by a beautiful community in Kwazulu Natal
  • Each clay petal is hand rolled, kiln fired, then dip dyed before being individually placed on the lamp


Proudly handcrafted by the women of South Africa.

Unlike so many products that come off the factory line, ours have a human story. They’re lovingly created by a community of women in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa*.

Drawing on African heritage and craftsmanship, each clay bead is hand rolled using raw clay. They are then sun dried, kiln fired and dip-dyed and in the case of our lights, masterfully strung onto its unique iron frame. This hand made process ensures that no two pieces will ever be the same.

Initially, our clay beaded pieces were crafted by local women whose lives had been impacted by HIV and so desperately needed an income to support their families. Over time, as popularity grew, more and more women with differing circumstances approached us for work. As a result the criteria has been broadened to any local woman who is prepared to put in the effort to create something special.

In 2012, 8 ladies were permanently employed. There are now over 65 dedicated women rolling beads and creating their own masterpiece. More importantly, they’re making a difference to their local community.

Today our contemporary chandeliers can be found lighting up some of the most gorgeous homes, hotels, restaurants and reception centres around the world. 


    • South Africa 


    • The chandelier is carefully packed in a crate.
    • Production time: 2-3+ weeks.
    • Delivery time: 3-4 days (air-freight).
    • We ship these chandeliers using fully insured air-freight door to door delivery (we can also ship to your nearest Port or by sea-freight, if required).
    • Price of item does not include local duties and taxes when applicable.


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