Introducing klaylife

Introducing klaylife

Green Design Gallery is proud to welcome klaylife to its international brands family! klaylife specializes in clay beaded lighting, proudly hand crafted by the women of South Africa...and so much more!

Unlike so many products that come off the factory line, klaylife's have a human story. They’re lovingly created by a community of women in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Drawing on African heritage and craftsmanship, each clay bead is hand rolled using raw clay. They are then sun dried, kiln fired and dip-dyed and in the case of our lights, masterfully strung onto its unique iron frame. This hand made process ensures that no two pieces will ever be the same.

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Today klaylife's chandeliers can be found lighting up some of the most gorgeous homes, hotels, restaurants and reception centres around the world.

"There is a definite demand for klaylife amongst the discerning, who appreciate the handmade nature and beauty of our pieces. Unlike the cheap wooden copies, no two klaylife pieces are identical. Sometimes, if you look closely, you might spot the finger print of the person who rolled the beads, making each one as unique as it is beautiful" says klaylife’s Kerri Wallace (from Interiors Addict).

klaylife is run by a South African family now based in Melbourne, Australia.

See the Klaylife Collection.

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